The NASBA Board approved and the AICPA Board took a position of support on the revised NASBA Standards & Fields of Study

Summary of changes to Standards:

  1. Sponsors may now use two way video functionality as acceptable attendance monitoring for group live based programs
    1. The participant-to-attendance monitor ratio must not exceed 25:1, unless there is a dedicated attendance monitor in which case the participant-to-attendance monitor ratio must not exceed 100:1
  2. Updated language regarding when it is impractical to obtain a content/technical review
  3. Extra attention called to credit increment and rounding when issuing credits for a CPE Program;
    1. "At their discretion, CPE program sponsors may round down (but not up) CPE credits awarded for a CPE program to the nearest one-fifth, one-half, or whole credit increment as appropriate for the instructional delivery method.
    2. The increment chosen by the CPE program sponsor must be applied to all CPE program sessions (learning activities) within the same CPE program." 
    3. Example: Overall program is 2.5 credits, split between two topic areas it would not be allowable to claim 1.2 credits tax and 1.3 credits accounting
  4. Specific language allowing 'Interactive, facilitated question and answer time between instructor and participants qualifies toward eligible credit amounts'
  5. Sponsors are required to clearly communicate to Group Internet Based program participants how the participants can earn full credit
    1. Example: Must clarify before the program starts that polling questions will be used
    2. If polling questions are used, Sponsor needs to inform Participant "the number of polling questions posted per CPE credit and how many must be answered in
      order to earn full credit for the program."
    3. "Documentation must be retained demonstrating evidence of individual participants responses to attendance monitoring mechanisms"
  6. Clarification that each instructor of a program is eligible to earn
    1. Example: a CPE program session with 3 presenters offers participants 1 CPE
      1. Each presenter may receive up to 3 CPE credits (2 for preparation plus 1 for presentation)
      2. The application of these earned credits is still subject to the regulations and maximums established by boards of accountancy
  7. The revisions to the Fields of Study document include the addition of more current, relevant topics under the established fields of study classifications

View the updated Standards here.