Learn more about activities; how to find an activity and engage with them on your site.


What are Activities?

Find an Activity

Complete an Activity


What are Activities?

An Activity in LCvista is an informal learning event that is not compliance or credit worthy. Activities are meant to offer professionals small learning tasks such as reading a document, review onboarding material, watch a quick video, or view a recording.


Find an Activity

Activities may be distributed on your site in the following ways:

  • Program Catalog: locate an activity in your catalog, either by: filtering by Activities, searching by name or ID.
  • My Learning:
    • if this menu has been exposed on your site, you will see it within your left-hand navigation menu.
    • If Activities have been enabled, you will see a tab within this menu, titled Activities. Locate activities in this menu, that have been assigned to you by your administrator.
    • If you have been given access to Add to My Learning (a way to bookmark activities) they will also be visible from this menu.
  • Transcript: once you have completed an activity, an activity record will appear within your Transcript. Note: only completed activities will appear within this menu. Use the Activity filter to include, or exclude, activities from any exports from this form.


Complete an Activity

To engage with and complete an activity, you will first need to access the Activity Preview page. Navigation to this form, can either be accomplished by selecting the name of Activity, or on some pages access can be accomplished via the View Details link that is available.


Once on the Activity Preview, you will be met with two cards. The top card will incorporate the basic detail about the activity:

  • Name
  • ID
  • Description
  • Completion Type: Self Attest, or Quiz.
    • When Self Attest, you will have access to attest to your own completion, by selecting Complete at the bottom of this form.
    • When Quiz, you will have access to begin a quiz. Achieve the designated passing percentage to be marked as complete for this activity.
  • Expiration Date, if the  expiration date is in the past, you will not have access to complete the activity.
  • Revision Date  this date will  indicate the date of the last revision to this content.

On this top card, you will also find any supplemental material that has been made available by your administrator. Click to open or download the activity material.


Activity Body

The bottom card will contain the main contents of the activity. This is where you will find information about the activity, the task that must be accomplished and any relevant material that may be presented in the form of documents, links or videos.


Activity Completion

On the bottom of this form, you will have access to the action which will allow you to complete the activity.


Self Attest

When the activity completion type is designated as a Self Attest, you will have access to a Complete button. Selecting this button will trigger a modal which will allow you to affirm completion by selecting Complete. By default, your completion date will be set to today's date.



When the activity completion type is designated as a Quiz, you will have access to a Begin Quiz button. Selecting this button will bring you into the quiz. Select your desired response by checking the radio option next to your answer. Select Next Question to move to the next question. Select Submit to Submit your responses to the quiz.