Adjusting Requirements

Administrators have the ability to reduce or increase any requirement per reporting period for a jurisdiction.

How to Adjust Credit Requirements

  1. Select Edit next to the reporting period in question from the individual’s jurisdiction profile page.
  2. Within the modal, select the option to Adjust Requirements
  3. Upon choosing to Adjust Requirements, a new column for Requirement Adjustment will appear for you to enter the credit adjustment.
  4. When a requirement is adjusted, you will see a note on the jurisdiction preview page, selecting Edit again will direct you into the modal to review any credit adjustments previously awarded.

Note: The jurisdiction modal will will not allow an administrator to adjust credits in such a way that would create a negative requirement. For example, an administrator cannot decrease a requirement by 25 credits if the starting requirement is 20 credits.

Note: If an annual requirement needs to be adjusted within a rolling period, then you must adjust the annual requirement in the most current reporting period first. This will adjust the annual requirement in any overlapping periods.

Note: It is not required to enter in an extension to adjust the credit requirement.

Functionality of Credit Adjustments Within LCvista

The Adjusted Credit value entered will appear within Compliance Summary beneath the requirement it was applied to. This value is included in the Overall credits remaining required and will appear on the Compliance Summary tile.

On Compliance Detail, any credit adjustments are included in the Credits Required column. There is also a note beneath the credits required value to indicate the amount of credit requirement adjustment. These values are visible on the export of Compliance Detail.

Reporting on Adjusted Requirements

Credit adjustments are included on the following reports:

  • The People by Jurisdiction report will include new columns for requirement adjustments awarded per requirement, as well as accounting for the requirement adjustments within the credits remaining and required calculations.
  • The Overall Compliance Report will account for requirement adjustments awarded in the Overall Credits remaining column and Latest Annual Period credits remaining.

Penalty Credits

For those jurisdictions that penalize a professional when their reporting period is extended, penalty credits can be awarded by adjusting the credit requirement at the same time an extension is applied.

A Penalty Credit Summary is listed for the jurisdiction along with a link to the state website for more information. Please refer to the following list of State Jurisdictions which award penalty credit in this document to understand which states are configured for this functionality within LCvista.

State Jurisdictions which Award Penalty Credits

The jurisdictions that award Penalty Credits and are configured for this functionality within LCvista are as follows:

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Guam
  • Idaho
  • Michigan
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee