Compliance Detail

Further defining and explaining the information found on the Compliance Detail display.

What’s available within Compliance Detail?

Two sets of tables are visible preceding and appending the completed programs list:

  1. Requirement Table: This will display at the top and details:
    • The jurisdiction’s requirements
    • Period dates
    • Credits required
    • Credits applied
    • Credits completed
    • The user’s status in that requirement

      : This mirrors what is shown on Compliance Summary.
  2. Totals Table: This table is shown at the bottom of the Compliance Detail view detailing:
    • Credits Completed (earned, limited accrued carryover without carryover applied)
    • Carryover applied
    • Summary of Total Credits earned in the period (considering any limited credits along with accrued carryover and carryover applied).

Note: The totals on the Totals table will adjust when a Period filter is selected.

Simplified Carryover

A simplified carryover display is configured across all jurisdictions except for Michigan, Hawaii, and CFE. When simplified carryover is enabled, those programs which are part of carryover applied (or carryover accrued) to the jurisdiction’s reporting period (and any notes dictating exceptions to how the program was applied or how it was accrued), are not displayed.

You can choose to isolate which jurisdictions display simplified carryover and which do not. This setting can be configured per jurisdiction and per organization. If you wish to enable this functionality on any jurisdictions for your firm, please contact

Compliance Detail Export

When exporting the Compliance Detail, the export will mirror what you currently see within the LCvista Compliance Detail user interface.

To export a user’s Compliance Detail, select the form action menu and choose to export to CSV or Excel.

Note: requirement totals will appear at the top of your export and Totals will appear appending the bottom of the completed programs list.