Custom Role Definitions

Role definition and permissions

The following Custom Roles can be assigned to a professional, or a group of professionals. You may also create an Admin Role that contains a selection of custom roles.

Role Permission
Approval Request Manager Approve or deny credit modification, jurisdiction modification, or external credit submissions from the Approvals hub (if enabled)
Attendance Management Manually apply a status to professional(s) and send notifications
Bulk Uploads Manager Add and/or update programs(s) and user accounts in bulk from the Bulk Uploads hub
Catalogs View, create, or edit catalogs
Catalog Settings Access Program Catalog settings to enable list or card view, enable catalog images, and upload program thumbnails
Custom Fields Admin can view, create, or edit custom fields
Custom Tags Manager Create and/or edit custom tags from the Custom Tags hub
Dashboard Layouts Customize the Dashboard, adjust the widgets that display, and modify the language within the Announcements widget
Default Administrator View and edit all areas of the site
eCommerce Transactions View Transaction Summary and Details (if eCommerce is enabled)
Evaluations View, create, and/or edit evaluations
External Credit Create or edit external credit programs
Firm Compliance Access the Firm Compliance hub to view a snapshot of a firm’s overall compliance status across jurisdictions.
Groups View, create, and/or edit user groups
Integration Provider Manager Access the Integration Providers hub to add or edit an integrated provider
Manage Program Actions Assign a program to a professional/group, waive an assignment, or add a due date
Manage Learning Plans View, create, edit and/or assign learning plans
Manage Programs Actions Search for and preview all programs, add/remove programs to catalogs, and add/remove tags to programs
Multisite Retrieve the organization's token to share to publishing sites and link the organization to subscribing sites (if Multisite is enabled)
Notifications View, create, and/or edit notifications
Organization View, create and/or edit fields on the Organization page
People - proprietary read only View all information for a managed user except for date of birth
People read only View only managed user’s information
People read/write View and/or edit managed user’s information
People - view as Access ‘view as’ for a managed user’s profile
Programs - read only View a program and any session details, without access to edit any information
Programs - read/write View a program and any session details, as well as edit and/or duplicate any program/session information
Reports > ‘Report Type’ View or edit reports based on report type description
Reports > ‘Report Type’ > saved report Access any saved reports for this report type, with access to export to Excel or CSV only
Sign in Sheets – read/print

View and/or print sign in sheets

Please note: This permission also grants access to Manage Attendees and Read access to view programs within Manage Programs

Users with this permission will have access to view all documents uploaded, public or non-public from a program's preview page.

Sponsor View, create, disable, delete, and/or edit sponsor information
Task Queue Manager Access the Task Queue hub to view which tasks are being processed in the queue for Manage Attendees, Bulk Upload – Programs, and Bulk Upload – External Credit submissions.
This function
(Administrative Roles)
View, add, and/or edit custom administrative roles
Venue View, create, and/or edit venues
Webcast – Results View and export the raw data report for an integrated session via Manage Attendees. In order to use this custom role, the admin must also have either the Programs – read/write or Attendance Management role