New Mexico Public Accountancy Board Mandatory Reporting of CPE Using LCvista Reporting

New Mexico's Online Renewal System Requires CPAs to report each CPE program completion individually

LCvista offers a solution to line-by-line reporting by recommending use of a saved custom report which contains all of the required information necessary to copy/paste into the NM online Form.

The example attached titled “LCvista New Mexico Renewal CPE Report” includes the following Columns:

  1. Employee ID
  2. Person last name
  3. Person first name
  4. Username
  5. Program Id
  6. Session Id
  7. Program name
  8. Completion date
  9. Jurisdiction Total Credit
  10. Technical Subjects
  11. Technical Ethics
  12. Nontechnical Ethics
  13. Session Record Fields of Study
  14. Sponsor
  15. NASBA ID
  16. Delivery method

The following Filters should be used:

  1. Employee ID
  2. Session completion date

Tip: swap out the date range and user ID filter for use in reporting for multiple individuals or periods.

LCvista New Mexico Renewal CPE Report