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Sending Emails through LCvista

Configuring an allow list to accept emails from LCvista

You can configure a friendly-from name and reply to email address when sending emails from LCvista.  Emails sent from LCvista will be sent from a standard LCvista address, no-reply@lcvista.com.  See article Email Settings for configuring LCvista to send email.

Outgoing Email IP Addresses

LCvista sends email through the Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). Some IT departments require configurations within your network to prevent messages from being marked as spam.

Emails from the LCvista application are sent from a range of 13 dedicated IP addresses. LCvista cannot guarantee which of the 13 addresses will be used to send mail.

If required, your IT department can add the following IP addresses to an allowlist for your organization.