Credit Modification Approval Process

Approve or deny requests submitted by professionals to modify credit issued for past sessions.


Credit Modification Approval Process Settings

Professional's Perspective: Requesting Modifications to Credit

Managing Approval Requests

Admin-Facing Approval Requests

Approval Requests: Professional's View

Approval Process Notification Setup

Approval Requests Report


The Credit Modification Approval process allows administrators to approve or deny requests submitted by professionals to modify credit they have been issued for past sessions. With this workflow, a professional can review the credit awarded across their tracked jurisdictions and suggest modifications for the way credit has been issued.

Credit Modification Approval Process Settings

To enable the Credit Modification Approval Process, navigate to the Settings hub.

The Approval Workflows tab is where administrators may enable and change these approval settings. Anyone with Default Administrative access or the Organization custom role will be able to access the Approval Workflows settings:

  • Enable user modifications: Enable this option to allow professionals to request modifications to the credit they have been issued for a session. If this option is selected, by default, the Approval required setting will also be enabled.
  • Require approval: Require all professional submitted credit modifications to be approved by an administrator before any changes can be applied to the jurisdiction(s) in question. This option is turned on by default when the option to enable user modifications is selected.

Professional's Perspective: Requesting Modifications to Credit

Professionals can request modifications to session credit by navigating to either their Compliance Detail page or Transcript (if enabled by the organization), selecting the row action icon next to any session record, and selecting Request credit modification. 

To access the professional's guide for this workflow, refer to the User Guide: Request Credit Modifications.

Managing Approval Requests

With the Approval Workflow, there are two separate areas in which approval requests can be reviewed:

- the admin-facing approvals page

- and the professional's only view of approval requests. 

Admin-Facing Approval Requests


Those with approval administrative access have access to approve or deny credit modification submissions. Admin approval access can be granted through the Default Administrator access role or the Approval Request Manager custom role.

Reviewing Approval Requests

Once provided the appropriate access, admins may access the Approvals queue to locate all available credit modification submissions.

By default, requests are filtered to those with a status of Pending: Submitted for approval. However, you may filter and sort by a variety of different criteria.

The Request Name for any credit modification submission will follow the format of ‘Program Name’ followed by the Jurisdiction(s) where changes have been requested. 

In the example above, the program name is Sample Program: Tax and Accounting Seminar and the jurisdiction where changes have been requested is PCAOB.

When selecting the row action icon next to a pending credit modification submission, you may add a note, review the request, or view the request history.

When reviewing the credit changes submitted, you can choose to:

  • Approve Request
  • Deny Request

To approve a credit modification request, select Approve Request from the Select Action menu, as shown below. The same will be true when denying a request.

All actions above will trigger a notification if that specific notification template has been created.

Refer to the Approval Process Notification Setup section below for more information. 

Approval Requests: Professional's View

All professionals will have access to the Approval Requests via their profile menu, if applicable Approval Workflows are enabled. However, what they see displayed on this page is dependent upon what permissions the professional has been granted and what settings your organization has enabled.

Professionals may view all statuses for credit modification requests they have submitted with the ability to filter for by status of Approved, Denied, and Pending: Submitted for Approval.

Once a professional's request has been approved or denied, their credit modification will be applied to the existing session record and be visible from both the professional's Compliance Detail and Transcript (if applicable).

Approval Process Notification Setup

If your organization has enabled the approval process for credit modification submissions, it is important to set up the corresponding Approval Request notification templates.      

The Approval Request notification templates are broken into user-facing and admin-facing notifications.

User-facing Templates

  • Approval Request Approved User Notification: Sent to professionals when their credit modification submission has been approved by an administrator. 
  • Approval Request Denied User Notification: Sent to professionals when their credit modification submission has been denied by an administrator.

Admin-facing Templates

  • Approval Request Submitted for Approval Admin Notification: Sent to administrators when a professional has submitted a credit modification request for approval.
  • Approval Request Reminder Admin Notification: Sent to administrators as a reminder that they have submissions waiting for approval within the admin Approvals queue.

To learn more about Notifications, refer to the Notifications guide.

Approval Requests Report

A report template labeled Approval Requests is available for administrative reporting needs. This report can be found within the Reports hub.

This report allows you to report on several different factors:

  • Request type
  • Request name
  • Submitted for
  • Submitted by
  • Reviewer
  • Current status
  • Date approved
  • Approved by
  • Program ID
  • Admin Notes

To learn more about Reporting, refer to the Reports guide.