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Go-live Checklist

The following checklist are items you may want to consider after your final data sync has occurred, but before you go live with your professionals.

Congratulations! Your final data sync is complete! Below are items you may want to address prior to going live with your professionals.

Important: these items should only be addressed if your final data sync is complete. If your final data sync has not occurred, many of these items will be reset by your next data sync. 


✔️ Dashboard

  • You may want to edit the Announcements widget to include end-user communication or links to onboarding materials.
  • You may want to remove widgets on the Dashboard that may not be relevant to your organization.

✔️ Custom Fields

  • You may now update existing field values or disable synced custom fields.

✔️ User Groups

  • If you have added additional custom fields, you may now add additional user groups using these fields as your filter options. Example: if you have added a “New Hire Date” as a custom field, you may now create a dynamic user group for “New Hires” that uses the “New Hire Date” as a filter option to capture the applicable professionals.

✔️ Users

  • You may now update your users to include updated or new custom field data. Additionally, if there are users that can be disabled, but came over as active from Prolaera, you may now make these changes. Changes to user accounts can be done in bulk by the People - Bulk Upload feature. 


  • User groups should now be added to the applicable catalog(s). By default, programs will not be visible to end users until the program is added to a catalog(s). Users will only be able to see programs if they are part of a user group that has been added to a catalog. 

✔️ Sponsors

  • All Sponsors come over as “Internal”. You may clean up this list by either merging similar sponsors or marking sponsors internal vs. external. If this is a task you wish to complete prior to going live to your professionals, please request this within your migration plan. 

✔️ Venues

  • Locations listed for an Event will come over as a Venue. Now you may clean up this list by either merging similar venues or marking venues enabled vs. disabled. If this is a task you wish to complete prior to going live to your professionals, please request this within your migration plan.

✔️ Notifications

  • Before you go live with your professionals, you will want to ensure you are turning on your automatic notifications (if applicable) by editing the notification and selecting "Yes, notifications should be triggered automatically based on criteria defined below".

✔️ Certificate Templates

  • Confirm all certificate templates that came over as part of your sync look accurate. You can create a test program with each certificate template, and pass your admin account to view these various certificate templates. If you would like any of the certificates in the dropdown renamed, please request this within your migration plan.

✔️ Program Documents

  • All Course and Event documents sync as "Non-public" visibility. For programs with documents you wish to be accessible by your professionals, you may change the visibility setting to "Public". 

✔️ Compliance

  • If any of your professionals compliance was impacted by one of the "known discrepancies" items, you may make the necessary updates now. For example, if a professional tracking Yellow Book is displaying an incorrect period end date because it was overwritten in Prolaera, you can update their jurisdiction with the preferred custom period end date. These changes can be done in bulk using the Jurisdictions or Jurisdiction Periods - Bulk Upload feature. 

✔️ Learning Plans with 3rd Party Content

  • If any of your synced Learning Plans have migrated 3rd party programs in the milestone(s), you will need to edit the milestone to include the newer version of the program to the milestone. Lastly, it is recommended to review all active Learning Plans to ensure the applicable programs were synced into the corresponding milestone(s).