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Managing User Groups and Catalogs

Welcome to the series of learning videos on LCvista’s Learning and Compliance Platform.

This video will help you to manage User Groups and Program Catalogs.  


Terminology Guide:

User Groups:

Professionals can be grouped together within LCvista to help administrators automate actions, or quickly locate individuals within the site. Administrators can choose from two different group types: Dynamic, or Static.

Dynamic groups are built off rules based on user profile fields. Are you looking to group all members of your Boston Office together? Create a dynamic group with a rule to include all professionals where Office = Boston.

Alternatively, Static groups allow administrators to group specific professionals together where a common theme may not exist.

Please refer to the tutorial below and our Groups Knowledge Base article for more information. 


A catalog is a collection of training programs that you may make available to selected user groups for enrollment. 

Please refer to the tutorial below and our Managing Catalogs Knowledge Base article for more information.